Joud's Journal Entry #1

Mundane Occurances and Strange Happenings

  • Hello there my dear journal,
  • Misery and woe today I’m afraid. This Lord Burgess character I have been tracking down seems to be a dead end. After infiltrating his mansion in the guise of a distressed merchant, I was unable to procure any information about his connection with Port Maw, other than “I’ve been there once.” The man was a complete buffoon, and more than a little ego centric, and I’m quite convinced he has nothing to offer me further.
  • Unfortunately, I got a little too caught up in my merchant role, and managed to convince that swine herder to give me reinforcements to handle an orc problem in the country side that I heard about downstairs in the Grey Griffon. Sadly, I have little interest in the affair of farmers and it will be more of a burden than anything, throwing me yet again off schedule. I was all set to board a ship out of this accursed place after hearing rumors about a Port Maw patrol guard arriving here, but I was intercepted by that blasted guard captain, Gray Filtch… Fitz… Flitzinhiem… Hell I don’t know his blasted name. He’s as dull witted as the rest of them in this town, but a good man as well I suppose.
  • Currently I am in my room, prepared to face the world as Joud again and perform for my nightly lodging. With luck I will go un-noticed by the guard and it will be a relatively mundane night.
  • Goodnight Journal, you old sod.



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