A thousand years have passed since the defining event of our land. For generations dragons ruled, forcing their tyranny down up our land. That is until the dragons warred amongst themselves, battling for supremacy. We mortals sat by and watched as fires lit up the skies above our cities. Merchants and wizards rushed to where bodies fell, gathering what they could for spells, research and to sell. But soon their war started a stir amongst the mortals.

After years of fighting in the dragon’s war as pawns and cannon fodder, the mortal races of the land put aside their differences and banded together against their mutual enemy. Mortals rose up against dragons, at first the dragons went easily as they were caught off guard by the sudden uprising. Soon the war became a three way battle…mortals against dragon, dragon against dragon. The dragons could not stop warring amongst themselves long enough to focus on the mortals, which made them easier enemies for us. Elves fought beside Dwarves, Gnomes beside goblins, humans beside orcs, and Halflings beside giants. The war raged for years, before finally the last dragon was slain.

Not all mortals chose to rise up against the dragons; those that clung to the side of the dragons fell to the blade as well. And there were those that chose no side and hid in areas untouched by the war. Many wanted to see those killed for their cowardice but once the last of the dragons were slain and the fighting ended, we mortals returned to what had once been our homes and started to rebuild. The few religious among us tried to bring unity around worship of the gods. But most who survived the war looked less towards the silent gods they felt abandoned us during our time of need, and looked towards the strength that helped win against the dragons for guidance. Many of the religious tried to enforce their gods wills by force. While some, already beaten down by the war, fell in line…most fought back, leaving these holy men in their temples as they burned. There are religious that still walk the land trying to spread their message, but it largely falls on deaf ears.

With the Dragon War at an end, a peace seemed to fall across the land. That is, until discussions began about what to do with the land where the dragons once resided. Known for years as “No-Man’s Land”, a large section of the land was on where few humanoids dared to live. Most lived in the areas less occupied by the dragons, content with leaving “No-Man’s Land” as the kingdom of the dragons. But with the dragons gone, everyone wanted control of it. The land was once again washed in blood as war raged. Only this time we were fighting each other, as armies clashed as everyone attempted to seize control. Finally, the elves stood victorious and laid claim to “No-Man’s Land”.

Rechristening No-Man’s Land, The Dragonlands, the elves claimed a mountain in the center of the land, Dragon’s Peak, and built the huge city of Dragonslair on and around it. At the top of the mountain, they had the remains of the dragons brought there and had a castle built out of the bones. The Dragonlands were free for all to come and live. The other races still held claim to their lands surrounding the Dragonlands and their kings recognized by all, but “He who claims the Dragon Throne (A throne made out of the last dragon slain’s skull) in Dragon’s Lair is High King, and ruler of all.”

Many wars have been fought to claim the Dragon Throne, and the title of High King has been claimed by many races over the 1000 years since The Dragon’s War. The human race currently holds the title of High King, with the Carth Family having held claim to the Dragon Throne for the last 250 years.

So says the history books, but we also know…history is written by the victors.


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